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Getting Started: Texas

In compliance with animal care laws in the state Texas, we MUST have your veterinarian referral forms filled out and signed by your vet PRIOR to your first appointment.


The referral allows your primary veterinarian to determine if your animal has any underlying health conditions that would contraindicate chiropractic care, as well as approve and supervise the care of your animal. The scope of practice laws in Texas require that ALL chiropractors have a veterinarian referral prior to providing chiropractic adjustments, regardless of their additional certificates or training.

To expedite your first visit, please send your completed intake forms along with your vet referral in an email and include your animal’s name in the subject line.

Your signed veterinarian referral must be on file 48-hours prior to your pending appointment time to avoid cancellation.

If you are an owner in need of a veterinarian referral for your pet, consider reaching out to us for veterinarians that we have a working referral relationship with. If you are a veterinarian who would like to be added to this contact list, don’t hesitate to call, email, or text. We always love to expand our network, and would love to talk with you about collaborative care.

What to Expect

Initial Exams:

These are for any first-time patients, those with new concerns, or a patient that we have not seen in over one year. Includes:

  • Comprehensive health history

  • Hands-on evaluation

  • Treatment

  • At-home recommendations

  • Emailed post-treatment report delivered to you and your team


With all this information, we are able to customize the care needed and form a treatment plan that produces lasting results.

Follow-Up Appointments:

Payment options: cash, check, Venmo or Zelle. Payment is due in full at time of service.

A minimum of 24-hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel an appointment in order to avoid cancellation fees.

These are for established patients that are on current treatment plans with us and have been seen within the past year. Includes:

  • Re-exam as needed and hands-on evaluation

  • Treatment

  • At-home recommendations

  • Emailed post-treatment report delivered to you and your team


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