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Elite Animal Chiropractic

 Founded in 2023

Elite Animal Chiropractic is a mobile animal chiropractic practice serving the Greater Houston and Central/South Texas area. We primarily focus on horses, show livestock, dogs, exotics, and other small or large animals, with a veterinarian's referral. Give Doc Holub a call if you have other animals you are interested in being considered for care. 


Elite Animal Chiropractic

Our Mission

Our mission at Elite Animal Chiropractic is to optimize performance goals, foster greater synergy between animals and their companions, and elevate overall quality of life. Through our holistic approach and specialized therapies, we create balance within the body, ensuring proper spinal movement to enable peak performance and function. We take pride in delivering a superior chiropractic experience, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to the health and wellness of both you and your beloved four-legged family members.

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Rylan C. Holub, DC, AVCA

Owner of Elite Family Chiropractic

Owner of Elite Animal Chiropractic

Rylan C. Holub, DC, AVCA is a dedicated and accomplished individual who was born and raised in the Tomball area. He graduated from Tomball High School and then pursued his passion for Chiropractic at Parker University. Doc Rylan received his Bachelor of Science in Anatomy in 2021 and continued to expand his knowledge and skills by completing a rigorous 220-hour Animal Chiropractic Program through Parker University in 2022.


Throughout his chiropractic internship, Doc Rylan demonstrated exceptional clinical excellence, and in April 2023, he graduated Cum Laude with his Doctor of Chiropractic. Doc Rylan's dedication and passion for his work are evident in his outstanding achievements.


Outside of his professional life, Doc Rylan enjoys spending time with his wife Kaitlyn and their three dogs, Hudson, Memphis, and Khloe. Doc Rylan has a strong love for animals and enjoys spending time outdoors, hunting, fishing, and exploring the beauty of nature with his friends and family.


Overall, Doc Rylan has a deep passion for his work and a love for nature and animals. He is committed to making a positive impact in the world and looks forward to contributing his skills and expertise to his community.

Meet Doc Rylan

Why You Should Choose

Elite Animal Chiropractic

  • We work WITH your veterinarian!

  • We use state of the art techniques and tools to provide the best chiropractic care for your animal.

  • We do thorough exams every time your animal comes to us to make sure their body is working as it should.

  • We recheck after every adjustment to verify that your pet is responding to our techniques.

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